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If you have been to one of our centres this week you may have noticed that a few faces were missing – that’s because members of our team have been busy over at Poundbury Gardens preparing for the first of our Christmas display launches on Tuesday 2nd October from 7pm. The award-winning displays are back and they’re bigger, better and brighter than ever before – it’s been months in the planning from attendance at Christmas shows in January to taking delivery and labelling everything up during September, giving just one week to build the whole display. If you fancy a glass of wine, mince pie and to be the first to see our new themes and sets then to head to Poundbury Gardens on Tuesday evening, then it’s next stop Brimsmore…!


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This week, we thought we’d share something from one of our customers, Barbara who lives in Sherborne, who bought some plants from Castle Gardens earlier in the year. Her front garden is very small and neat, so she didn’t have a lot of room to work with. Barbara wrote to us and asked us to share her story about her garden and how pleased she has been with her results this year!

“My front garden is only two feet deep and it has a Box Hedge, a Wisteria and a Rose. There was originally just a bit of flower bed behind the hedge – I think the previous owners planted annuals but I decided to place two large pots, a trough and a basket on legs. I planted them one at a time walking down to Castle Gardens choosing the lovely plants and then coming back home and planting them – a real pleasure. They have grown wonderfully well and I have noticed a blackbird likes to hide under them somewhere – how amazing is that? I moved here from a house with a large garden with so much work all the fun had gone out of gardening but now in this small space it has all come back to me!

I loved the choice of plants I made – I think I sent Steve the labels and they have been so successful I will use all the same ones again next year – meanwhile I wonder what I am going to do for the winter? I have got hold of a couple of dark green ivy plants that have been trained around a circle of wire about a foot in diameter and I think I’m going to use these with cyclamen but it depends what tempts me at the Garden Centre!”

Barbara from Sherborne

If you have a story you want to share then please email us at: castle@thegardeneronline.co.uk

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As September arrives it can either extend the summer and be glorious or bring showers and an early frost or two. One thing is for sure – we can’t predict the weather! What we can do as gardeners is to look ahead and plan and plant to brighten the months ahead.

So, armed with our top tips and ideas below, start to think about your garden – walk around and note down any gaps in borders, tired herbaceous plants that may benefit from dividing, and tricky patches on the lawn. We are always happy to offer help and advice – if we don’t know the answer then you can bet we have a colleague on the team who will!

Plant a tree whilst the soil is warm and moist | Love your lawn, feed, scarify and top-dress | Trim, scrub and tidy your patio, decking and garden furniture | Cheer up beds, tubs and baskets with a colourful display | Plant spring flowering bulbs | Brighten up your home with Orchids and Cyclamen | Use mulch to cover bare earth in your borders | Plant a rose from our specialist growers | Order an edible hedge | Plant a Beech, Hornbeam or Holly bush for wildlife to enjoy


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